Most expensive luxury goods

Most expensive Luxurious goods :

Unique luxury furniture: Baldacchino Supreme - The world’s most expensive bed

Stuart Hughes, Liverpool U.K. in tandem with HEBANON by F.lli Basile S.n.c. Interiors of Nocera Superiore Italy created Baldacchino Supreme - the world most exclusive bed ever. Lacquered, patinated and sponge batted bed and canopy, curved and 107 kg of solid 24ct along with small decorative handmade applications in gold leaf detail, headboard in capitonn. Created and designed in Italy and the U.K. certificated bed is structured all in chestnut wood and curving with ash wood.

Baldacchino Supreme bed image.jpg

Fabric is Italian silk and cotton with no burn certification. Headboard can be customized with diamonds or other different stone that customer can wish. All decorations are handmade and can be customized. Only 2 Baldacchino Supreme beds to be made.
Price: ┬г4 million. More information can be found from and
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