Most expensive luxury goods

Most expensive Luxurious goods :

Expensive shoes & unique dress: Kate Middleton’s Dress was sold for $125K at the Auction

The sheer dress Kate Middleton wore in 2002 went up for auction. The dress was the work of St Andrew’s fashion student Charlotte Todd who was participating in the fashion show. At the time she didn’t know who Kate Middleton was, and she seems quite bemused by the intense media coverage and massive price tag which the dress’s auction has caused. Despite being the alleged reason that Prince William fell in love, it was only expected to fetch between $11K and $14K. But the dress was bought for $125,853 (┬г78,000) final bid on Thursday March 17, 2011 by an unnamed buyer.

Kate Middleton

Kerry Taylor Auctions put the dress up just six weeks before the royal wedding which has already provoked a media frenzy all over the world and a huge amount of scrutiny of every aspect of the future princess’s life. Although Kate Middleton’s parents are actually millionaires, the marriage has been painted as a fairytale rags to riches story in some sections of the press, and everyone is getting terribly excited.
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