Most expensive luxury goods

Most expensive Luxurious goods :

Cool sport equipment accessories f1 lithium pull cart by stewart golf

Stewart Golf produces dream golf machines! The company was founded in 1980 by Roy Stewart. Together with his son Ross and grandson Mark Roy Stewart combined their concept ideas and continued their production in collaboration with talanted design engineers David Funnell and Jon Miller. And now Stewart Golf takes a leading place in the golf industry and doesn’t stop to amaze the customers by its newly products. Thus, F1 Lithium Pull Cart is a great example of a hard work of the design engineer team. The results of this process are simply stunning.

F1 Lithium Pull Cart Stewart Golf,image.jpg

The F1 Lithium is not simply an updated version of the X Series remote golf machines. Several exciting product ideas were generated and after much deliberation, the concept for a totally new powered trolley is chosen to take to the market. With the exception of a handful of minor components, every piece of the F1 Lithium is new. The F1 Lithium occupies just one third of the floor space of the X3R and 40% less overall volume. F1 Lithium comes complete with the purpose designed F1 Golf bag. It has been designed with an integrated structure and locking mechanism, it is included with the F1 Lithium. Price: ÂŁ2,500.
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Via:  stewartgolf 

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